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With TheLuxuryHall, we want to offer our customers the best possible shopping experience. is an online shopping platform that allows its customers to browse a variety of luxury online stores and find the products they want in the shortest possible time and shop online. With the built-in search function, the customer is able to search a variety of online shops via a search bar.

Frequently Asked Questions acts as an all-encompassing shopping platform that presents a selection of the most popular fashion items from a variety of partner shops at a glance. The checkout process is carried out as usual in the respective online shop. As soon as you have found your new favourite product we will redirect you to one of our partner shops, such as Farfetch or The Luxury Closet, where you will also finish your order. For this reason you will not find any shopping cart on
The checkout process takes place in one of our partner shops, to which you will be redirected. Here you can complete your purchase.
The selection with the cooperating partner shops is carried out according to strict regulations. In this way, we can ensure that the products presented are original goods. is your online shopping platform that combines the hottest luxury fashion online shops at a glance. We cooperate with the most popular online shops like Farefetch, TheLuxuryCloset and many more. From these partner shops we present the most popular products.
Shipping costs vary from online shop to online shop. We have no influence on shipping costs to different countries.
Please take this information from the respective partner shop in which you have found your selected product. We try to present products that are available in as large a variety of sizes as possible, but have no influence on quantities of sizes.
As an active online platform, we cannot actively participate in returns. Please take the respective guidelines for return and exchange of your goods from the respective partner shop. Our partner shops are international and service-oriented partners who will proactively help you with your exchange and return and answer your questions. is not an online shop in the classical sense and offers its customers only the service to find a selected selection of the most popular products in the shortest time from various shops. Orders are placed exclusively in our partner shops. has no influence on the sales process. If you have any problems with your order, please contact the partner shop where you placed your order directly.