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Rolex – The Iconic Watch Brand

The history of Rolex began with a business friendship between Ernst Bucherer and founder Hans Wilsdorf at the beginning of the 20th century. They considered the possibilities of positioning a watch on the wrist. When he founded his watch distribution company in London in 1905, he seemed to already know the recipe for success for his company: Always offer the best to the customer. From the very beginning, this was the motto under which he marketed high-quality timepieces manufactured in Switzerland.

In order to make his watches more recognizable, he signed them from 1908 onwards with an international and easily pronounced name: Rolex.  Thanks to their shared pursuit of quality and excellence, the partnership soon proved to be a real model of success. Known for their outstanding precision, reliable water resistance and high robustness, Rolex watches have been seen on the wrists of watch connoisseurs worldwide.

Today, the watch brand is one of the most successful in the world and is the icon. One does not wear a watch but a statement, a statement of the highest quality. The watches are exclusive and are now part of successful investment opportunities, who would have thought it? The Rolex Submariner is by far the most successful and popular range. Simple and elegant but still the watch stands out with its design. Not without reason have many other brands followed the design of the Submariner.

We have listed the top 3 best-selling Rolex watches for you:

On the 3rd place we have the GMT-Master II. The blue-red bezel version – called “Pepsi” – is probably the most popular, while the black-red bezel version has earned the apt nickname “Coke”. Between 2009 and 2014, the average price for a GMT master has increased by about 1,500 USD. Since then the prices have almost doubled.

On the 2th place we have the Rolex Submariner. The advantage of this model is clearly the design. A watch that can be worn for any occasion! There are a handful of watches that you wear quite often, and this is definitely one of them. This Submariner is just so comfortable that you can wear it all day without any problems.

On the 1th place we have the Rolex Datejust. Datejust offers a wide range of bezels – polished, cambered, fluted or with diamonds – each one perfectly reflecting the personality of its wearer.